SDM 15

Dreamers: 30

Dreams: 7

Associations: 46

Hosts: Eliat Aram, Leslie Brissett, Franca Fubini, Debra Noumair


There was a sense of community that pervaded the matrix, many attended or expressed a wish to attend every matrix in this series. An expression about the different quality of listening in this matrix, people associating in and with song, both sung and quoted in the matrix itself which also emerged in the processing session with the hosts. 

The different qualities of listening to different accents and different cultural backgrounds which could well influence what one hears.  It is a source of possible misunderstandings. (Examples in bold in the transcription)

The collapse of time was mentioned with people encountering the matrix in the week following, either by hearing news items that correlated with dreams, or having actual experiences in reality that mirrored the dream contents. The idea of Dream as Reality Check. 

  • Brown eyes blue (song)
  • Price of kissing the penis
  • Singing–bold expression of life comes to an end
  • When we engage in person, trouble, conflict, war emerges
  • Stronger power; need to create an imposition in order to feel freedom
  • Came late to matrix—freedom to come and go


  • Head is spinning as if all the matrices were in this one
  • Recurring genesis story; underlying sense of being lied to; where do we find truth?
  • Bold expressions of life; creativity; truth; truth often repressed; hard to allow it to be here to be expressed
  • Morality; trees and stones here before us
  • Building quite shiny; quite a switching point
  • Tavistock Institute > life > tree
  • Genesis; creativity and Sodoma and Gomorra, people turned into stones for sexual misconduct; do we dare to come back alive? COVID/Pandemic  perceived as punishment; presence of much more social, embodied world, a social dilemma
  • Courage—woman kissing penis; snakes—touching the untouchable
  • Fear of primal scene—need bold expression


  • A bit like music—street noise, different accents, beautiful
  • Powerful community—far away yet close; someone who has been here is ill—heart is breaking.
  • Came to all of them to see what might have happened—membership has been steady; wondered what individuals would say; value of diversity; acutely aware of accents, diversity.
  • Belonging to community or not; found out late and joined the 5th or 6th; not being completely here.  Punishment—always felt questioned and on the verge of being here.
  • Themes stay with you; same themes came into the London group on Fridays. Some themes emerged in the matrix and then in the news; intimacy in sharing; so awkward on Zoom.
  • Social Dreaming as a reality check.
  • What was comfortable was looking at the dream, not the dreamer; don’t know what you said and that is nice.
  • Belonging to a powerful setting in a shelter—social dreaming.
  • Appeared playful—free associations are a special language.
  • Never did social dreaming before and did the whole series; important to join every week. Clairvoyant.  So intimate because we are a group. What might happen in the future?  Some aspect will continue in parallel.
  • Dreams were talking to each other—how they were feeling, engaged in passionate purpose; boldness—enjoyed opportunity..


D1: Scene 1–Room in house—wanted to communicate what was needed on Zoom or written; could not see anyone, got anxious. Scene 2—Naked man on floor lying on his back; younger woman kneeled down and kissed his penis, no sure if she was naked or not.

D2: Repeating dream—approaching building, a part of my day life; wrote in orange on white pants; wrote bold expression, was with favourite aunt, felt good. Large rectangular screen; felt castigated for expressing self, for writing on pants.

A1: Little boxes on the hillside, ticky, tacky

A2: Song—also sung by Pete Seeger

A3: Bold expression of life—how do we express I and be heard?

D3: A man—were very close, kind of intimate; what about your girlfriend? Started to have sex, passionate; hazel eyes turned green.

A4: Bold expression of life and erotic dream drives life energy, bold expression of life

A5: Boxes on Zoom—security monitoring people’s behaviour; China, Hong Kong.

D4: Dark, gloomy big man behind a door; cut his hand. Belt was yellow/orange—belt was a snake. A toad jumped out of his breast

A6: Biblical pestilence

A7: Nearby town—touristic in Capri; break at bakery; tables on each side of the square; all chairs on all the tables; you have to look at all the people-and all people stare at you as you cross through; the guards were not present.

A8: Large, grumpy man; belly boxes; Pete Seeger song: Green and yellow, mother lay me down to die.  

D5: In front of a building with 4 floors and big windows, black metal walls; sun rising on left side; cannot move—fear of being anchored to pavement. The building moves, a picture reflects on the water,  not a building but a sycamore tree

D6: Space mission to moon; call going on; I volunteer even if afraid of flying, death; only 2 weeks until mission. Tell family and friends about why volunteering even though on the inside do not want to do it

A9: Tree, Sumac tree, tree of life; trees live longer than humans; trees denote life across cultures

A10: Volunteering, bringing things in boxes in charity shops

A11: Travel to the moon; Jonathan King song—alienation in real life; full moon.

A12: Vulnerability and intimacy

A13: : The bible translates as charity ; translators did not want to put agape the Greek word for love

D7: Lots of found metal objects, a bit of reverie, looking deep inside

A14: Distraction comes to an end

A15: Ivory balls within another and another; cannot take one out;  from China

A16: Association to 1st dream

A17: Heads and tails; body/mind split; intellect and physicality; emotional connection and intimacy

A18: Head of Medusa

A19: Surveillance; technology and surveillance; newspaper has been shut down in a country—Apple Daily; in Hong Kong earlier 

A 19  Surveillance; technology and surveillance; newspaper has been shut down( by terroristic attack in Paris) Charlie Hebdo; in Hong Kong earlier

A20: Apple reminder  of snake; Adam—beginning of life

A21: Tree of knowledge—how that was shut down

A22: Adam and Eve and 1st dream

A23: Naked man, young woman kissing his penis—beautiful image, thought of desire, envious of that feeling. Adam and Eve—tree, snake, apple, both are naked—desire and lack of it in self

A24: In the UK, rape convictions have plummeted; perhaps woman kissing penis; violence

A25: Inversion of Snow White—issue of consent

A26: Lilith before Adam and Eve; freedom, autonomy; envy; men and women were equal in the first genesis; women were free and sexual and uncontrollable

A27: 1st dream—simple acts of tenderness have been curtailed in the pandemic; sexual acts being curtailed—not able to touch each other

A28: And creativity

A29: Adam and Eve being punished; this is what happened to Adam and Eve

A30: Song—old song—being given a full cup; sing to betrothed; friend not here—sick with Corona virus

A31: Truth, media—shutting down of life

A32: God punished Adam and Eve; Eve ate tree of knowledge; God is not without envy

A33: Who is responsible?

A34: Spiritual revelation

A35: So lovely to hear singing, usually so serious

A36: So normal; we are all Adam and Eve; not all are turned to stone

A37: How would it be to be a stone and wait for reincarnation? How long, how long, how much different our lives are?

A38: Stones need music, bold colours to feel again

A39: Stepping stones

A40: Wall in Jerusalem

A41: The large rectangular from dream 2; 2001 space odyssey; last matrix—head spinning

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