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Social Dreaming Matrices at the Wellcome Library Reading room – starting Friday 24th June

If dreams are in part the expression of our unconscious, can we work with the archive as the unconscious of organisational life? […]

notes by Eric Miller

As an advisory group member of the Archive Project, I was stimulated to think of my personal archive and how to make it available to the TIHR Archive process. After discovering some notes I had made in 1989 when I was part of a Board to which Eric Miller had been invited to consult …

From the Archive


“We do not need theories so much as the experience…”

This video is the second record from our series of documenting the beginnings of the archive project. It tells the enthusiastic response from our partners as they comment on the progress of the boxes whilst they were going through the final stage of work before being re homed in the Wellcome Library …

    Lunchtime talk – On the Yoga Event at the Leicester Conference   To find out more and to listen to the full talk, click here.