Liz Cory-Pearce

I’m an anthropologist passionately interested in the workings of human relations and the formation of social groups, and I’m joining the TIHR Archive Project in the role of growing the archive’s audiences and relationships. I joined the Tavistock Institute in 2015 following a career in academic anthropology which involved not only teaching and ethnographic fieldwork, but also much delving into historical museum collections and archives around the world. As a result, I have a deep love of archival work and I’m always fascinated by the relationships that unfold both between collections within an institution (for example, how does the Tavistock Institute archive relate to the many other collections in the Wellcome Library?); and between a collection’s ‘inside’ (its contents) and the world ‘outside’ (it’s human and organisational relationships, past and present). My aim is to grow the relationships that emerge as audiences for the TIHR Archive Project and its associated events and activities widen, so I can put my fascination with an archive’s ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ to good use!

In my academic career I worked in New Zealand, Canada and Australia but I’m now re-immersed in UK social and organisational life, and enjoy exploring my East Anglian roots with friends and family.