In November 2020 I began a Wellcome Trust funded archival project to catalogue the records of Harold Bridger (1909-2005). Bridger is most recognised as being a psychoanalyst, a founder of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and an organisational consultant. In working from home, I was introduced to the life, work and legacy of Bridger […]

Army officer selection board illustration

It has been virtually impossible over the past month to escape the fiercely contested American presidential campaigns. Newspapers, social media, and television have all been caught up in debating what makes a good leader. Donald Trump was chosen by the people – was he the right choice? …

Army officer selection board illustration

Using materials uncovered in the Tavistock archive, join us for a series of events to recreate war period psychology recruitment methods. Test your mettle through a combination of individual and group tests, including word association, thematic apperception, and some moustaches that Henry Wellcome himself would have been jealous of.

Wednesday 16 November 15.00-17.00
Thursday 24 November 19.00-21.00
Friday 2 December 19.00-21.00

In the Reading Room, Wellcome Collection …