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Working on an organisation’s archive is not just a technical venture aiming at ordering and filing documents.

Working on an organisation’s archive is working on an organisation’s history, on an organisation’s identity and primary task and on how this has been shaped over time and space.

Working on an organisation’s archive is working with ideas, artefacts, people, memories of people, and strong or faded memories of communities…

Social Matters and Dreaming Series SDM#3 Hosts: Juliet Scott and Bongsu Park 18 participants and 3 staff on Zoom Dreams: 10 Associations: 41 Sensemaking: After two intense sessions, this third, last Social Dreaming Matrix seemed to conclude with a feeling that there is always sunshine after the storm. After winter comes spring, after cold days […]

Social Matters and Dreaming Series SDM#2 Hosts: Juliet Scott and Bongsu Park 15 participants and 3 staff on Zoom Dreams: 9 Associations: 34 Metaphors: danger; climate change; a sense of missing out/being too late; water/ocean; familiarity; tension between the real and the unreal; real/fake binary; the unknown; swimming pools; Frida Kahlo’s eyebrows; are we breathing […]

Social Matters and Dreaming Series SDM #1 Hosts: Juliet Scott and Bongsu Park Dreamers: 24 Dreams 7.  Associations 33. Themes: Elemental; energy; life choices personal and societal. The choices and uncertainty precede white horses across many cultures and time; unicorns; BlackUnicornsMatter; the feminine; healing and reconnection through the horse. Dualism of black and white horses. […]

SDM 15 Dreamers: 30 Dreams: 7 Associations: 46 Hosts: Eliat Aram, Leslie Brissett, Franca Fubini, Debra Noumair THEMES There was a sense of community that pervaded the matrix, many attended or expressed a wish to attend every matrix in this series. An expression about the different quality of listening in this matrix, people associating in […]

Dreamers: 22 Dreams: 7 Associations: 41 Themes Messed up, violence women have to do when men experience themselves as helpless; taking paper from jacket, saw her violence towards her father. One leggedness – being a little bit crippled – behaviour also like that  ABUSE; hidden abuse – father (biological and in religion) – found to […]

Working to open up our ‘Born Digital’ archive. In autumn 2014, the Tavistock Institute established its paper archive at the Wellcome Library – 300 boxes of paper files, catalogued by a dedicated archivist and made available to the world in 2016. It holds a comprehensive record of the formation, establishment and development of the Tavistock Institute […]

  SDM 13 – 10 June 2021 Dreams: 10 Associations: 42 Themes and Hypothesis This matrix felt very heavy. What are the best ways to be in nature and society Fear of the future – of a less human future, fear of change, fear of doing things differently, Fear of contamination –  hybrids, cuckoos in […]

Hosts: Rachel Kelly, Debra Noumair, Carlos Remotti-Breton, Juliet Scott Dreamers: 32 or 33 Dreams: 11 Associations: 53 Themes and Hypothesis No 3: Father, son and holy ghost; priest What it means to be a practitioner right now – desire for this sensemaking space – privileged but essential. Regular people – from India, US, UK, Europe – […]

Hosts: Eliat Aram, Franca Fubini, Monica Velarde, Uma Ravikumar  9 dreams and about 35 associations D1:  I was in a theater and on the stage,  there were 3 entertainers, 2 men and a woman. They were multitalented they could sing, dance, play music. He was very pleased with the offer. At the end of the […]

32 people attended. Hosts: Eliat Aram, Carlos Remote-Breton, Franca Fubini, Patricia Kummel Dream 1: Classical concert: beautiful symphony in a beautiful open theater.  I am in line to buy tickets. I want to buy tickets in the balcony.  Ticket taker is protected from COVID by screens.  Three women are pressing from behind.  I say “You should […]