16th and final session of the series. This session was different to the previous ones as it included a 30-minute review of the whole series along with the dreaming matrix and review. 7 dreams – 26 associations 51 participants (incl 3 staff) Themes from the dream matrix and review There were themes to do with […]

41 attendees including hosts, facilitators. 13 dreams 44 associations Dream 1: In a parking lot ready to go camping along several people. A poor white family is across from him, rambling about his license plate. He was from a different place. Then he approaches them and people move out and son pulls a gun into him.  He […]

34 people presents (3 host/ facilitators + 31 participants) 11 Dreams and 36 associations were presented Some themes: A longing for touch (but it is not allowed) (: inappropriate touching, colleagues in hotel room, sensational affair, an old friend visits in a dream,  during SDM wanting to show sympathy for loss of other participants but […]

The matrix started with 36 participants and finished with 33. # Dreams 14 # Associations 35 Dream 1 In Paris with family. French friend we meet in the street. “Where do want to go?” To the Luxembourg gardens. It is miles away. We started walking. looked like English country town. Came to a café. Black […]

Participants: 41 9 dreams 42 associations Themes: The World – skin colour, hierarchy, Covid-19 and Healthcare Choking and panic. Silence is too awful.  The rush of dreams and associations stops the thinking, zipped up, so the associations become reactive and unprocessed. Challenging authority of the Hosts, started late, ended early! Linked possibly to DA, MS […]

Participants: 49 13 dreams Over 40 associations A long pause at the beginning of the SDM: Themes: Anger and feeling stuck in dichotomies: (love & hate, exotic & shabby, up & down, east & west, me & other; in dichotomies it feels we are in something more difficult and dangerous than might be needed; longing […]

38 participants 18 dreams and 38 associations Preoccupation with female authority, the body, and birth apocalyptic dreams and association perhaps associated with the fear of a second wave of the virus Feelings of loss expressed by members at the lower number of participants perhaps to do with the fact although it is constantly stated that […]

49 participants 13 dreams and 49 associations – many more associations than dreams – disappointment in hosts vs trying to please by following suggestions – no direct mentioning of Covid-19, maybe indirectly: abundance; shrimps jumping, nature coming in. – looking for giant fathers – looking for the missed, longed for hug for mothers – abandonment […]

Participants: 55 9 dreams Over 50 associations Themes: Rollercoaster of emotions: (overwhelming, intense, sad, angry, loss, helplessness, guilt, shame) Mine as a container: (Digging for the unknown. The SDM is like a mine. Images of being stuck in a mine. The fear of a mine being a landmine. In mines can be hidden dangers (like […]

Participants: 58 13 dreams Over 40 associations Themes: Longing for connection: (how will we connect without shared memories, without touching) The falling apart and estrangement of self: (strange deserted houses; rooms are connected yet detached; Zoom as a metaphor for experience in pandemic; looking into each other’s houses) Loss of Smell and Perfume: (symptom of […]